Summer recipe - Blended Berry Bouquet

Summer recipe - Blended Berry Bouquet

Blended Berry Bouquet summer iced drink with Tumblewood Tea.

We are only halfway into the month of June and so far summer in Montana has been HOT! Nearly 100 degrees yesterday!

This icy blended drink will hit the spot after a hard day of work or play in the hot sun. After a few sips you will be refreshed and ready for more summer action. The recipe below makes 2 servings.

Blended Berry Bouquet

3 Tbsp. Tumblewood's Berry Bouquet Herbal Tea 

2 cups water

1 1/2 cups sugar 

1 cup fresh or frozen berries (if using fresh fruit add more ice for a slushy drink.)

1 1/2 cup ice

½  squeezed fresh lemon juice

Mint for garnish

Combine sugar (or sugar alternative), Berry Bouquet and boiling water. Steep for 30 minutes, stirring until the sugar is dissolved. After steeping, strain and bring to room temperature before chilling. (This step can be done up to several days in advance.)

Add tea, lemon juice berries, and ice to blender. Blend and garnish with mint.

Find a spot of shade, put your feet up and relax!