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OK, so none of us came out a winner in the big Powerball drawing this month. But here's the good news: you can still be a big winner in the kitchen, and that's almost as good. Right? Right! When we get ready for the Billings Wholesale Market this weekend, we like to bring... Read More

Want a yummy dish to make your guests think you slaved in the kitchen? This is it! Although both recipes use the same tea, the flavor contrast between the chicken and the rice make this work. It's just perfect when paired with Gunpowder Green. Serving size: 4-6 Prep time: 30... Read More

Today we bring you a great recipe by Riza, our resident queen of the grill! This recipe uses both a rub and a marinade for additional flavor. We've found that Coman-chai is a perfect texture for a rub. The aromatic spices permeate the meat and create a wonderful base for... Read More