Young Entrepreneur Partner - Crazy Bee Honey

Young Entrepreneur Partner - Crazy Bee Honey


Here at Tumblewood Teas, we love our community. We are blessed to live in such a beautiful corner of the world, with warm and friendly neighbors and smiles and waves from others as you walk down the street or drive through town.

In support of our young people, we are introducing Tumblewood’s Young Entrepreneur Program, created to showcase and nurture the creativity of the up and coming, bright stars of the future.


Our first young entrepreneur partner is Lauren Niebur, a senior at Sweet Grass County high school in Big Timber. As a sophomore in high school, Lauren applied for a supervised agricultural experience grant through the National FFA Organization. She received the grant and invested in a hive of honey bees in 2018. Lauren says she chose to become a beekeeper, “to hopefully help our honey bee populations, which are on the decline.” Lauren continues to learn more about those little creatures and the fundamentals of running a small business.


Introducing - Crazy Bee Honey.

 Crazy Bee Honey offers raw honey from the banks of the Yellowstone River. Our hives sit in the shadow of the Crazy Mountains and pollinate local clover and alfalfa fields. The honey is then harvested in micro-batches to ensure freshness and quality. We operate with a small singular focus and value local relationships with landowners and other beekeepers. Our goal isn’t just honey but the best honey from the happiest bees.

You can support this young business owner and purchase her delicious honey locally at the Tumblewood Teas store in Big Timber, Montana, or on our website.