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Tea Bag Cupping Collections


Having trouble choosing which flavors to sample? Enjoy a selection of our best-selling flavors with our Cupping Collections. Each collection contains 12 sample tea bags of popular favorites, which offer 2 cups of tea per package (that's 8 cups of tea per collection).

Choose from the following flavor profiles: Tumblewoods Top 12, Get up & Go or R & R Collections

Tumblewoods Top 12: Earlie Grey Dawn, Patty's Irish Breakfast, Coman-Chai, Cinnamon Bear, Mountain Mint Chocolate, I'm Your Huckleberry, Snappy Lemon Ginger, Galloping Green, Bright Montana Morning, Hot-Tea-Molly, Gram's Cinnamon Twist, Crazy Mountain Berry

Tumblewoods Get up & Go: Seize the Mo Mint, Cucumber Min-tea, Cinnamon Bear, Coman-Chai, Cowboy Creamsicle, I'm Your Huckleberry, Earlie Grey Dawn, Gramp's English Breakfast, Patty's Irish Breakfast, Lovin the 406, Boulder River Currant, Mountain Mint Chocolate

Tumblewoods R & R Collection: Cold Winters Night, Peace of the Park, Crazy Mountain Berry, Bright Montana Morning, Restful Rancher, Gold Rush, Petticoat Peppermint, Lemon Beehive Honeybush, Chico Cherry, Bessie's Spice Cider, Cowgirl Comfet-tea, Hot-Tea-Molly

Each single serving package contains .25 ounces (2 cups of tea).  Teabag not loose leaf. Total weight: 1.25 oz (35 grams)

Please see individual tea listings for ingredient contents.

2 oz. loose leaf package brews 20-30 cups

.6 oz. package contains 5 teabags

Bundle & Save: Four 2 oz. bags brews 80-120 cups (save 15% per ounce)

16 oz. loose leaf package brews 150-200 cups (save 30% per ounce)