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Values & Mission

What is the essence of the American West?

Cattle drives
Mending fences
The cold mountain air
Helping a neighbor
Spotting wildlife in the pastures
Friday afternoon cookouts with friends

This is what it means to live in Montana. People like to call it ‘Cowboy Country’,
but to us, it’s just home. Ranch living can be tough, but that doesn’t mean we don’t
enjoy the finer things too. Particularly when it comes to kicking back and indulging
in a steaming cup of hand-crafted loose leaf tea.

There is a history here in steeped in traditions of integrity, hard work
and family gatherings. The first working immigrants to arrive brought teas from their
home countries to keep themselves grounded in heritage. It is from these roots that
the legacy of tea, in these regions, has been built.

It is our pleasure to uphold these precious values and traditions by bringing you
TUMBLEWOOD TEAS. We offer the true “Essence of the West” in every cup,
as we strive to honor the history of tea and the legacy of the American West.

Discover the “Essence of the West” in your favorite cup.

Riza Gilpin & Laurie Rennie, Owners;