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I only tried the sample tea you sent (great idea!), but the mug I bought is fabulous and is my favorite. I found out about you through my son (Big Timber, Montana), who made tea his “drink of choice” because of a small tea story in Big Timber. I asked him what kind of tea “mug” he had gotten because he talked about non-stop when he first got it. I went to your website – ordering was a breeze, and I had the mug 2 days later. The product quality is wonderful. 

Ann P.
Cody, Wyoming


You had recently contacted me to write a review but I erased it from my email because of being busy. I first tried your crazy mountain berry tea at a little coffee hut in Ennis and loved it. I have now purchased a few from your website but also from Rosauers in Bozeman. It is more cost effective to purchase at Rosauers because of shipping. These teas are the best tasting teas I have ever had and I am a tea-aholic. I usually add a ton of honey and maybe other spices to get some flavor out of other brands but not Tumblewood Teas. They are so flavorful without adding anything. Love love love them.

Melissa B.
Bozeman, Montana

Tumblewood Teas is enjoyed over here in the east too. The flavor and the quality of these teas is the best you can find in all of the 50 states. A refreshing change from all the over-processed and over flavored teas out there... trust me, I've tried a lot of them.

Says a cowgirl from Brooklyn, New York

On a recent trip to Glacier National Park I got to try your Cinnamon Bear tea, and was instantly hooked. I was so happy to be able to order it on line since I live in Texas. I have a cup almost every morning. It’s divine! I look forward to trying some other mixes as well. I wish the Cinnamon Bear was available in a tea bag – I’m getting used to the loose pack though.

Laurie T.

I LOVE, LOVE LOVE Tumblewood tea. Amazing flavor and I haven't found one I didn't like. My top 3 are Cinnamon Bear, Cherry Chico, and cowgirl confetti. By far the best tea company I know.

Tiffany M.

I was given the Travelin Tumbler so I could easily try Tumblewood teas. I quickly fell in love with the tea but was sad that I couldn't drink my tea during a flight across the country. I was told by Riza to just bring my tumbler, a pack of tea (which my favorite is Cinnamon Bear), and ask the vendors at the airport to fill my cup with hot water. It was a huge success! All of them were in awe that I could enjoy my loose leaf tea on the go! I always carry tea with me now and just ask for a hot water fill up. Love my tumbler!

Maria P.
Whitefish, Montana