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The Legacy of Tea

There is a renaissance brewing.

It all started in 2737 BC when a very simple brew was accidentally discovered by Shen Nung, Chinese emperor, scholar and herbalist. A few leaves from a nearby wild tree floated down into a cauldron of hot water he had prepared – and the rest is history…many, many years of history.

Although tea was first consumed as a medicinal drink, flavored with sweet onions, ginger, salt, orange peel, cloves or mint – it evolved into a pleasure drink during the Song Dynasty (AD 960-1279) flavored with jasmine, chrysanthemum, and lotus.

In its beginnings, tea was first compressed and formed into cakes or bricks that were roasted and chopped and then placed in boiling water. Later, it was made into powders and, finally, during the Ming Dynasty (AD 1368-1644), loose-leaf teas became the prized form of enjoyment.

Over many years, tea has been an important thread woven through the tapestry of world history. It has been coveted by the wealthy, celebrated in traditional ceremonies and used by governments as a means of taxation.  Tea has also been influential in home décor and fashion. Although throughout history tea has stirred emotions intense enough to drive both black marketeering and revolutions, today people can enjoy it as a calming and meditative experience, or as an energizing lift to their day.

Now, after a long surrender to coffee, tea is giving the world another chance to embrace its healthful properties, refreshingly delicious taste and peaceful effects. With over ten thousand varieties available and tea houses popping up on all continents, tea is now the most popular choice of beverage the world over.

We hope that tea offers you the joy of simple pleasures and the peace of quiet moments throughout your life.

Riza & Laurie

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