A Season of Sweet & Spice

We love fall! And all that it brings. A chill is in the air and garden harvests produce pumpkins, apples & maple syrup, offering us the yummy flavors of this very special season.

A wonderful beginning to your day could start with a full bodied cup of Pumpkin Spice pu’erh.  We use an aged pu’erh along with chai-like spices to create an adventure for your gastronomic senses.

You can also start off a little lighter and sweeter with the rich flavor of our Canadian Maple green tea along with a hearty bowl of your favorite Scottish oatmeal.  Or how about combining the two! Just infuse the tea and strain it. Add your oatmeal and cook until ready. A side of cinnamon toast and voila’! Oh yum!

Oh My Pumpkin Pie! is a fall favorite around here with cinnamon, carrot pieces and citrus peel all blending together to create a luscious dessert tea.  Don’t forget the whipped cream!

And since we’re talking dessert, let’s not forget the one and only...Americana Apple Pie!  A toasty Formosa oolong that renders an amazing substitute for that slice of pie you’ve been eyeing and denying!

So allow yourself the pleasure of brisk air and a nurturing cup of your favorite leaves. Happy fall to all!

Your Friends at Tumblewood Teas!

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