Tastes and traditions to go along with your seasonal senses!

Let’s start our day with the warming aroma of freshly infused Cinnamon Buns oolong. Soft and sweet, this comforting blend will bring a cozy feel to your spirit and heart. A wonderful accompaniment to the freshly baked tradition in our home!

And as traditions carry on, let’s not forget the gingerbread. Holiday Gingerbread black tea that is! A wonderful offering that begins with the perky scent of ginger and finishes with a deliciously smooth flavor. Fill your cup and then fill a plate of little gingerbread men to go along for the occasion!

If you have never enjoyed an Italian Christmas Cookie you must try our version! It is by far one of the most delicious holiday traditions and a perfect treat on any dessert table. Luscious almonds and buttery notes all blended together in this oolong tea will surely satisfy the senses. Yum!

Still looking for dessert without the calories? Then Winter Cupcake should make you smile! Imagine a vanilla cupcake topped with a creamy white frosting and let us know if this Chinese green tea doesn’t make that a reality for you. Of course, Santa would probably like to see a real cupcake on his plate next to his teacup 😊

So whatever your traditional holiday foods may be, we hope you and yours will allow Tumblewood to be a part of your festivities. We wish you all the most wonderful and blessed holiday season!


The Tumblewood Team

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