It’s finally summer in our neck of the woods and fresh sweet air is all around us!

We are starting to enjoy iced versions of some of our favorite citrus blends and thought we would share a few with you.

Here is an interesting little tidbit………



A tree of a genus that includes citron, lemon, lime, orange, and grapefruit. Native to Asia, citrus trees are widely cultivated in warm countries for their fruit, which has juicy flesh and a pulpy rind.

Note the origin of citrus is Asia, and as many of you know, that is where many of our teas are from. So what would be better than our freshly sourced citrus ingredients and leaves? Icing them for total refreshment! 


Lemon Beehive Honeybush- the star of our rooibos, this premium blend of lemongrass and sunflower petals is like liquid sunshine!

Keylime Coconut- a heavenly combination that sets the mood for a relaxing good time! And there is no rule against adding a sweet treat to this tropical black blend! 

Raspberry Orange- green tea - a memory of iced twin pops comes to mind when sipping on this delicious refreshment! The orange and raspberry are both prominent and perfectly balanced.

Rocky Mountain Rush- a pu’erh that will not leave you feeling blah! It makes for a lively and full tea experience with the tartness of lemon verbena and lemongrass.

Enjoy the rush!