Summer is back!

WOW! When did we step into summer and not know it? Honestly, it was just Spring and here we are getting ready to celebrate our summer of 2021!

So let’s just jump right into the tea choices that will certainly cool your days off...

As a fun start we are introducing two new blends that have iced tea written all over them 😊

Cowboy Cool-Aid is a flavorful herbal berry blend sweetened with stevia that brings a juicy refreshment to your glass and leaves you hankerin’ for more!

La-Tea-Da is an indulgent black blend that says "mmmmmm" with its creamy cherry vanilla deliciousness. So good iced with a dollop of whipped cream for sure!

And for our very favorite stars of the iced tea menu, we bring you...

Berry Bouquet - blooming with fruits and flowers, this herbal blend is rich in color and deliciously refreshing. A little tart at the finish allows for adding some simple syrup if you prefer sweeter tea.

Cinnamon Bear, need we say more? This has been our top seller for many years that just never stops pleasing! Hot in the winter and iced in the summer it is a smooth and sweet cinnamon blend that needs no additional ingredients but carries orange slices to a new meaning. Don’t forget to eat the slices at the bottom. YUM!

So, there you have it, our wonderful summer offerings for you to enjoy! And keep your eye out for upcoming summer specials.

Have a safe and joy-filled summer dear tea friends!


The Tumblewood Teas Team