Welcome Spring!

As bees are returning to their hives and seeds are being planted, we are more than ready to welcome Spring in all its glory!

We are happy to feature our favorite botanical blends to get this fresh new season started.

Lavender and Lace is a longtime friend of ours that offers the full scent and visual delight of lavender and chamomile. Both fresh and beautiful, these flowers will allow you to relax and dream softly into the night.

And now that you are up and at it, let’s get the day going with a robust cup of Black Rose  black tea. Simple yet fragrant, the blend of this Indian black tea and rose petals will energize and delight your senses. Onward!

If you are in the garden or the greenhouse  Bloomin’ Good white tea will sparkle in the sunlight and dance on your tongue! The pale pink hue from the vibrant hibiscus petals is combined with a slight tartness that blossoms with each sip.

The word grounding can mean so many things and if you are in need of a tea or tisane that will fill that purpose, then Lemon Beehive Honeybush is the perfect infusion of organic honeybush and organic lemongrass. Any time day or night, this caffeine-free rooibos will always produce the “ahhhhhhh” experience as you inhale its aroma and savor the flavor.


So as we remember the proverb by Alexander Pope 1732, “Hope Springs Eternal”…………

Your friends at Tumblewood are wishing you a hope-filled Spring! Cheers!