Welcome Friends!

One of the perks of being the chosen tea service of our glorious Glacier Park is that we are invited to do our annual staff training before things are officially open to the public. And so, we are welcome behind the scenes as all the busy workers are putting the finishing touches on every small detail for all guests to enjoy!

Flowers by the truckload!

Flowers by the truckload were being delivered........

Flowers of Glacier National Park

The stage is being set.........

a clear path to Lake McDonald.......

A clear path to Lake McDonald.

Lobby of the Lake Hotel Glacier National Park

The lobby waiting to be furnished at the Lake Hotel.

a dining room soon to be a buzz serving our very own Tumblewood Teas!

The dining room at the Lake Hotel soon to be a buzz serving our very own Tumblewood Teas!

Laurie in the woods of Glacier

Quiet tea spots everywhere!

This is the 100th anniversary of our National Parks Service so make plans to visit our state treasure or one of the 57 other national parks across this great country!

Oh! And don't forget to pack the tea!

 nature's cup holders in Glacier National Park

Hope you enjoyed the sneak peek!