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Steeped in Decisions

Steeped in Decisions

Steeped in Decisions

It's a wonderful New Year and National Hot Tea month to boot!

Of course tea is always at the top of our new experiences list, but before we head down that road, we’d like to cover the best steeping methods to prepare your tea.

The thing about steeping tea is, it is all about what type of experience YOU would like to enjoy. That's right, it's all about you!

Here at Tumblewood we believe everyone should be able to drink the best teas available without making it too complicated. That would lead us to the first choice: Would you prefer teabags or loose leaves? If it's bags you prefer for the moment, then choose your favorite and drop it in the cup of your choice, add water let it steep as long as YOU prefer.

Lemon Beehive Honeybush tea bags

If you would like to control the outcome a little more, then pick a tea that is stronger and more aromatic to render a flavorful cup, even if it is contained in a bag.  Using the proper water temp for the type of tea will make for a better cup. Please check here for specific brewing temps.

If it is loose leaf tea you prefer, then that opens up a whole panacea of possibilities.

It can be as simple as placing the leaves in a cup, pouring hot water over them, and allowing them to swim until their hearts’ content. Then you choose when it’s time to pour the infusion through a strainer into your favorite cup. We call this cowgirl tea around here.        

Rodeo Rose oolong tea, cowgirl style

Or how about that special little infuser and cup that makes you think of the person that gave them to you? Simply put the tea leaves in the infuser basket and pour your hot water over it. Pull the infuser when time is up and enjoy! I personally love to use the teapot that my mother-in-law gave me years ago. It's sunshine yellow, short and stout!

Golden Wheat steeping in stainless steel infuser

For those on the go, we recommend a traveling tumbler. Because the tea ends up steeping for a long time while you drink, we recommend the tumbler for leaves and types that are not as sensitive to heat and longer steep times. This includes darker varieties and herbals. If you’re on the road and filling up at your favorite gas station, the hot water spigot is probably not much more than 180 degrees. This is a little hot for green tea but a little cool for black or herbal. Regardless, it will do when you're in a pinch!

Golden Blue Sunrise in the traveling tumbler

Enjoying tea can happen just about anywhere just as long as you make the most of what you have to work with and appreciate what is your cup of tea!

Come back again and we will chat about even more steeping possibilities! 

Now go get YOUR cup of tea,


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