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Oh My... Pumpkin Pie!

Oh My... Pumpkin Pie!

Oh My... Pumpkin Pie!

Move over, pumpkin spice lattes... there's a new sweet treat in town, and it has the perfect blend of autumnal flavors. Oh, ya. Black tea with all your favorite spices of the season. 

This smooth black tea fills the air with the luscious aroma of a freshly baked autumnal pie. It's a perfect blend of black tea, cinnamon pieces, carrot pieces, citrus peel and cloves. 

Oh My... Pumpkin Pie! Black Tea

It's all that dessert flavor with none of the calories or sugar. I mean, really... how much better can it get?! A warm cup on a crisp night. 

Oh My... Pumpkin Pie! Black loose leaf tea

Well, that is, unless you're just a little bit of a glutton and just MUST add a little dollop of whipped cream. And by "little dollop," I mean, if you're going to dollop, you might as well DOLLOP.

 Oh My... Pumpkin Pie! with whipped cream

Now we're talking... that's how you do pumpkin pie. Oh my!