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Fall for new flavors // Aah Apricot Oolong

Fall for new flavors // Aah Apricot Oolong

Fall for new flavors // Aah Apricot Oolong

Aaaaaahhh.... it's a long sigh like that. Unfortunately, we could only fit the "Aah" on the official label, but once you try this Oolong, you'll know what we mean. 

Aah Apricot Oolong

Aah Apricot Oolong

This light, sweet oolong will elicit a sigh of pleasure as the complex oolong tea leaves fuse with lovely apricot tones.

Ingredients: Oolong Tea, Apricot, Natural Flavors

This Taiwanese Oolong is hand-rolled, ready to unfurl with flavor. A water temperature of 185 degrees will allow for the perfect infusion.

1 tsp. of Aah Apricot Oolong

And when it unfurls... Aaaaahhhhhhh! The aroma is luscious.

Be prepared for it to bloom into a much fuller cup than expected. One teaspoon is really all you need for an eight ounce cup.

Aah Apricot Oolong brewing

 Like many fine Oolong teas, the hand-rolled leaves will open up and fill your cup.

Aah Apricot Oolong... almost ready!

See that coloring on that lovely middle leaf, floating through its sea of tea? That's the proof of the time-honored process that makes the flavor of Oolong tea so complex. When the leaves are rolled, pressed and broken down, the enzymes in the leaf allow for this type of oxidation to take place, bringing forth a rich flavor. 

Aah Apricot Oolong. Complete!