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Apricot Oolong Compote: the perfect last-minute recipe

Apricot Oolong Compote: the perfect last-minute recipe

Apricot Oolong Compote: the perfect last-minute recipe

This is one that will make you say, aahhhhhhh. Yes, we know, we've told you about this once before. But the more we sip on the new Aah Apricot Oolong tea, the more we want to find new ways to enjoy. If you're finalizing your menu for Thanksgiving, here's a simple appetizer to add to the list to make you and your family ooooohhh and ahhhhhh. 

Apricot Oolong Cheese Dip

Apricot Oolong Compote 

Start by brewing a cup of Tumblewood Tea's Aah Apricot Oolong tea. Add it to a saucepan. Add a couple tablespoons of sugar and a dash of cinnamon, then heat the tea and sugar until the sugar dissolves. 

Add a cup and a half of the dried apricots. If you're lucky enough to live somewhere where fresh apricots are available this time of year -- lucky you! But here in Montana, we used dried ones. Uncover and simmer for about 30 minutes, or until the compote starts to thicken. Once it thickens, it's almost ready to go! How simple was that?

Apricot Oolong Compote with crackers

The perfect Thanksgiving treat

Once it cools completely, it's about ready to serve. We refrigerated ours overnight, and mixed it with a bit of apricot jam to thicken it up the next morning. Serve over your choice of soft cheeses. Riza chose goat cheese, but brie would have been lovely, too. Heck, good old cream cheese would do the job!

Apricot Oolong Compote with Tumblewood Teas

Enjoy it with tea time

Garnish with additional apricots and thyme if you want a little splash of color on the plate. Serve with crackers or crostinis and, of course, a pot of Aah Apricot Oolong. Don't forget, this oolong packs plenty of flavor. You can get at least two infusions out of these leaves, so once you brew for the compote, make another pot to enjoy!

Aah Apricot Oolong Tumblewood Teas    

Cheers, and happy Thanksgiving from our Tumblewood family to yours!

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