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Prairie Spice Pear: the perfect tea for holiday dinners

Prairie Spice Pear: the perfect tea for holiday dinners

Prairie Spice Pear: the perfect tea for holiday dinners

The snow just keeps falling. Softly, gently. With none of the four-letter "w" word that usually sends it screaming past our doorsteps on a horizontal assault. Happy Thanksgiving from Montana, dear tea lovers. 

If you've already welcomed your guests in from the cold with an Aah Apricot Oolong warm up and apricot compote, well, you're already in the race for host of the year. Let's carry that title proudly and run with it.

Prairie Spice Pear white tea  

Compliment dinner with Prairie Spice Pear white tea

Aromatic and sweet, this beautiful blend of spice, flowers and fruit make this a tea to behold. And it will be the perfect pairing for your main course. It's full of delicate flavors that won't overpower your fine cooking, but certainly adds a distinct, sparkling touch to this special meal. 

Ingredients: Organic White Tea (Bai Mu Dan), organic anise star and organic helichrysum flower.

Prairie Spiced Pear iced tea

How to make loose-leaf iced tea

Making this loose leaf tea into an iced beauty for the whole table is a cinch. Here's how: let's say you want to make a whole gallon. We'll go ahead and do the math for you... because we like you like that! We recommend 1 tsp. of tea leaves for 8 oz. of water, so for a gallon of tea, that equates to roughly 1/4 cup of leaves. 

For iced tea, we'll brew half the water in all the leaves. You'll need two pitchers or pouring containers for this. Bring a half gallon to near boiling (ideal water temp for white tea is 180-185*F). Pour the water over the leaves in the first pitcher, and brew for 4 minutes. Then, use a strainer to catch the leaves while pouring into your serving pitcher. Allow it to cool, then fill the pitcher with ice and water as needed. Enjoy! 

Prairie Spice Pear white tea for Thanksgiving dinner

A real tea treat from our Sterling Collection

Now, this is not your standard iced tea. Prairie Spice Pear is a part of our Sterling Collection. Our Sterling teas are selected for their exceptional qualities and meticulous processing methods. Whether you are a tea connoisseur, or someone just looking to expand your palate and knowledge of tea, you'll definitely want to explore this extraordinary line from around the world.

This is one that will certainly make an impression at the holiday dinner table. From our Tumblewood family to yours... Happy Thanksgiving!

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