Apple Pie with Cinnamon Bear black tea

What to do when you're overly blessed at the dessert table

Today marks one week since that grateful day where we found ourselves overly-stuffed, overly-blessed and overly-wondering what in the world we were going to do with ALL. THAT. PIE. Surely, we weren't the only ones who certainly didn't forget dessert, but forgot to leave room for it all?

Well, we're still reaping the benefits with a daily leftover pie social here at Tumblewood Teas. 

Cinnamon Bear black tea and apple pie 

The fan favorite has most certainly been Cinnamon Bear black tea with a good old wholesome Apple Pie al a mode, but it hasn't stopped there.

Pies (& their perfectly paired tea friends) 

My personal perfect pairing has been my sweet Aunt Nancy's famous pecan pie with a sip of Crazy About Caramel on the side. 

As you know, Riza's a fan of the Oh My... Pumpkin Pie! in all it's whipped cream-topped glory, and a double dose of the tea with its namesake pie is about all one can handle in a sitting.

You may have noticed, but we kind of have a thing we pie 'round here. There's also the lovely Americana Apple Pie oolong, or a warm glass of Ginger Peachy black tea with your favorite peach pie will knock your socks off.    

Of course, we're not biased to JUST pie. Last Friday also marked a special birthday in Laurie's family, so a German-chocolate cake had to join the dessert table. What a joy with a little Montana Almond Joy green tea. 

What's your go-to tea & dessert combination?