Summer recipe - Blended Berry Bouquet
This icy blended drink will hit the spot after a hard day of work or play in the hot sun. After a few sips you will be refreshed and ready for more summer action. 
Tumblewood's Lavender Earl Grey black tea blend is one of my favorites to include in recipes. It adds a fresh citrus zing with just a hint of lavender - and who can resist lavender?!
Pecan, Maple & Oat Power Balls + our secret ingredient
OK, so none of us came out a winner in the big Powerball drawing this month. But here's the good news: you can still be a big winner in the kitchen, and that's almost as good. Right? Right! When we get...
Apricot Oolong Compote: the perfect last-minute recipe
This is one that will make you say, aahhhhhhh. Yes, we know, we've told you about this once before. But the more we sip on the new Aah Apricot Oolong tea, the more we want to find new ways to enjoy....