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It's a wonderful New Year and National Hot Tea month to boot! Of course tea is always at the top of our new experiences list, but before we head down that road, we’d like to cover the best steeping methods to prepare your tea. The thing about steeping tea is,... Read More

One of the perks of being the chosen tea service of our glorious Glacier Park is that we are invited to do our annual staff training before things are officially open to the public. And so, we are welcome behind the scenes as all the busy workers are putting the... Read More

One of the things I love most is talking about tea with anyone, anywhere at anytime! I want to know what they love or detest and why that is.  Some of the most common comments I hear are that people find green tea to be bitter (but that's another blog... Read More

OK, so none of us came out a winner in the big Powerball drawing this month. But here's the good news: you can still be a big winner in the kitchen, and that's almost as good. Right? Right! When we get ready for the Billings Wholesale Market this weekend, we like to bring... Read More

What to do when you're overly blessed at the dessert table Today marks one week since that grateful day where we found ourselves overly-stuffed, overly-blessed and overly-wondering what in the world we were going to do with ALL. THAT. PIE. Surely, we weren't the only ones who certainly didn't forget dessert, but forgot to... Read More

The snow just keeps falling. Softly, gently. With none of the four-letter "w" word that usually sends it screaming past our doorsteps on a horizontal assault. Happy Thanksgiving from Montana, dear tea lovers.  If you've already welcomed your guests in from the cold with an Aah Apricot Oolong warm up and... Read More

This is one that will make you say, aahhhhhhh. Yes, we know, we've told you about this once before. But the more we sip on the new Aah Apricot Oolong tea, the more we want to find new ways to enjoy. If you're finalizing your menu for Thanksgiving, here's a simple... Read More

Aaaaaahhh.... it's a long sigh like that. Unfortunately, we could only fit the "Aah" on the official label, but once you try this Oolong, you'll know what we mean.  Aah Apricot Oolong This light, sweet oolong will elicit a sigh of pleasure as the complex oolong tea leaves fuse with... Read More

Move over, pumpkin spice lattes... there's a new sweet treat in town, and it has the perfect blend of autumnal flavors. Oh, ya. Black tea with all your favorite spices of the season.  This smooth black tea fills the air with the luscious aroma of a freshly baked autumnal pie. It's... Read More

Tumblewood Teas ties to western history for inspiration “This isn’t tea that’s about holding your pinky up,” Riza Gilpin smiles. Indeed, with names like “I’m Your Huckleberry,” “Gunpowder,” “Restful Rancher,” “Rollin’ With The Wind,” “Cold Winter’s Night” and “Cowgirl Confet-tea,” it’s easy to imagine the sources of inspiration for Tumblewood... Read More

Originally posted by Laura Nelson for Tri-State Livestock News It was one booth that couldn’t be lost in the rows of camouflage. When Big Timber, Mont.-based Tumblewood Teas set up shop in the enormous Las Vegas Convention Center exposition center for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s inaugural Hunter’s Christmas this December, their... Read More

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